Modern Warfare Suits

This suits made for modern warfare. They are made from light, but tough fabric - Rip Stop, have velcro patches, reworked pockets. 

  • Digi Flora
  • Olive
  • DPM/Green Kukla
  • Blue/Grey Kamush

Summer Suit "Steppe M6"


Classic Gorkas

Gorka - legendary Russian Suit. Firstly produced for Soviet Troops in Afghanistan, it's become one of the most popular Russian Military Suits. It's main feature - it's light, cheap, very durable and provide advanced protection against wind (even dust storms) and basic protection against rain. We have all popular Russian models of Gorkas. 

Light Sniper Suits

This suits created for stealth missions, when you need maximal mobility. All of this suits made from lightest fabric, do not restrict movements, and works great even during very hot weather. 

Classic Suits

Here you can find Classic Suits. They are made in period from WW2 till recent past. They don't have velcro panels, but they are not only part of history and still looks and works great.

  • Black
  • Blue/Grey Kamush
  • Grey Kukla

Suit "Noch 91 M"


Winter Masking suits

This suits created for Russian Winter, when there are a lot of snow everywhere, and you need white masking suit to avoid detection by the enemy. 

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