Federal services of Russian Federation

Today we will talk about Federal Services of Russian federation.

There are 86 Federal services in Russian Federation. Most of them are "civil" services, like Federal agency of Tourism. 

We will talk only about military structures. 

FSB (Federal Agency of Security)

Created: 12 of April 1995
Situated: Moscow, Russia
Aim: To ensure the safety of the government interest in Russia and abroad.
Main departments: FSB "A", FSB "V",  FSB "K", Border Guard, and etc.
Main Camouflage: Black, Specter, Specter SKWO, Multicam, A-tacs FG and etc (FSB can use any camo, especially FSB "V").

Most well known Federal Agency of Russian Federation. FSB is heir of KGB. There are a lot of departments in FSB. For example, FSB provide security of border in Russian Federation. 

FSB "A" provide antiterror  security in Russia and abroad. This is one of the best units in the world. You can saw them in action, during Beslan, Nord-Ost, both Chechens war. 
FSB "V" - ghost squad. Their main aim, ensure safety of government interest abroad of Russian. They are not spy, they are military unit, ready to be send in any place in world, complete mission and return back to Russia, before somebody will find bodies. All information about FSB "V" operation state secret. 
FSB "K". When you need receive important info from any computer in the world, you calling to FSB "K". They also provide security of important government computers, and protect their from cyberattacks. 
Border Guard - secure borders of Russia. One of the best trained mass military units in the Russia. Their main aim protect borders of Russia and of course, during defence war, hold out as long, as possible.

Also FSB provide counterintelligence.

SVR (Foreign Intelligence Service)

Created: 18 of December 1991
USA Analog: CSI
Situated: Moscow, Russia
Aim: To ensure the safety of the government interest abroad of Russia
Main departments: Unknown 
Main Camouflage: Unknown

SVR are classic spy. There are not a lot information about their activity. Main analog in USA will be CSI. Some SVR operators took part in Syrian conflict. 

Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR Russia) is designed to protect the security of the individual, society and the state from external threats. 

They are providing:
Providing the President of the Russian Federation, the Federal Assembly and the Government of the intelligence information they need for decision-making in the political, economic, military-strategic, scientific, technological and environmental fields;
Providing conditions conducive to the successful implementation of the policy of the Russian Federation in the sphere of security;
Promote economic development, scientific and technological progress of the country and the military-technical security of the Russian Federation.

FSKN (Federal Drug Control Service of Russia)
Created: 11 of March 1993
USA Analog: DEA
Situated: Moscow, Russia
Aim: Curb the illicit traffic in narcotic drugs
Main departments: Grom and NIKA and etc.
Main Camouflage: Black, Surpat.

Best analog of FSKN in USA is DEA. In 2016, President of Russia liquidated FSKN. Not it's part of MVD. There was Tax police on base of tax police FSKN was created, so, a lot of FSKN operators was Tax Police operators. 

Russian Federal Drug Control Service The main tasks were:

Software control of drug trafficking;
Detection, prevention, suppression, and disclosure of the preliminary investigation of crimes ascribed to the investigative jurisdiction of Federal Drug Control Service of Russia;
Coordination of activity of enforcement authorities to combat drug trafficking;

FSO (Federal Security Agency)
Created: 27 of May 1993
USA Analog: FBI
Situated: Moscow, Russia
Aim: Provide security of VIP and important government building. Also provide secure communications for VIP (like president of Russian Federation)
Main departments: Unknown
Main Camouflage: Black, Surpat, A-tacs FG, A-tacs AU and another.

FSO is analog of FBI in USA. They providing security of VIP in Russia and not only. Their main aims are:

1) ensure the safety of objects of the state protection in the places of their permanent and temporary residence and routes of travel;
2) forecasting and detection of threats to the vital interests of the state protection of objects, a set of measures to prevent this threat;
3) prevention, detection and suppression of illegal encroachments on objects of state protection and protected objects;
4) prevention, detection and suppression of crimes and other offenses on the protected sites, in places of permanent and temporary stay of objects of state protection and on the routes of travel;
5) protection of protected objects;
6) participate in the limits of its powers in the fight against terrorism;

FSIN (Federal Penitentiary Service)
Created: 2004 year.
Situated: Moscow, Russia
Aim: Transportation, security, capture prisoners
Main departments: Vulkan (Kabardino-Balkarian Republic), Hawk (Mari-el Republic)
Main Camouflage: Sumrak, Partizan, Black, Grey Kamish, Green Kamish, Grey and Green Kukla, and another.

FSIN providing transportation of prisoner, their security in prison, and of course search for fugitives, and their elimination, if their transportation to prison impossible. 

Their main aim are:
1) performance in accordance with the Russian legislation of criminal sanctions, detention of persons suspected or accused of crimes, and defendants;
2) control the behavior of the convicted to punishments and measures under criminal law without isolation from society;
3) ensuring the protection of rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of convicts and persons in custody;
4) ensuring law and order in the institutions executing criminal penalties of imprisonment;
5) protection and escorting of prisoners and persons detained on the specified routes the convoy, a convoy of Russian citizens and stateless persons on the territory of the Russian Federation as well as foreign citizens and stateless persons in the event of their extradition;

SK RF (Investigative Committee of Russia)
Created: 15 of Janyary 2011 year.
Situated: Moscow, Russia
USA Analog: FBI
Aim: Transportation, security, capture prisoners
Main departments: Unknown
Main Camouflage: Black, Grey Kamish

SK RF - federal state authority in the Russian Federation shall exercise the powers in the field of criminal justice and other authorities in accordance with the law. Usually SK RF work with Police, but anyway, they have their own operators. 

FSSP (Federal Service of Court Bailiffs)

Created: 1 of January 1998 year.
Situated: Moscow, Russia
USA Analog: Bailiffs
Aim: Execution of sentences of courts
Main departments: Unknown
Main Camouflage: Black, Grey Kamish

FSSP provide execution of sentences of courts. That's their main aim. Their main job is to seize property, so, usually they need special operators, to safety procedures for withdrawal.

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