Fleece Jacket "Argun"

Manufacturer: ANA Sale
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   Cool season is often problematic for the military and tactical enthusiasts, since summer suits are already too light for comfortable work, and winter ones are not yet relevant. Fleece has established itself among the special forces as a warm and comfortable material for winter and demiseason clothing.

   Ana Tactical's "Argun" fleece jacket is made of camouflage fleece fabric with wear resistant inserts on the shoulders and elbows for greater comfort. The collar, bottom of the jacket and sleeve cuffs can be tightened to minimize heat loss. The jacket has one chest pocket, two pockets at the waist and two on the sleeves.

   The jacket features zippers at the side seams that open access to equipment on the belt. The jacket is very warm and light, which makes it a great choice for demiseason and winter.

1. Warm and light, suitable for any weather.
2. Can be used as a sweater or as a jacket.
3. Reinforcements on the shoulders and elbows.
4. Zippers on the edges of the jacket for quick access to the holster.                     

100% Polyester

Weight: 800 gram