Vest "Alpha"

Manufacturer: ANA
Product Code: vest
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   In certain circumstances, carrying ammunition on the warbelt can be inconvenient (for example, when you are in a car) or wearing a body armor equipped with magazines is uncomfortlable or unnecessary (in hot weather or at a shooting range). Different types of chestrigs were invented to solve these problems.

   Ana Tactical "Alpha" harness vest has 4 closed pouches for two AK mags, but can also accommodate RPK mags (if you adjust the valve fit). Also on the sides are 2 large utility pouches in which you can easily place all the necessary items. From the inside, the vest has 3D mesh pads, the upper part with MOLLE can be folded inward, but when raised it allows you to place a SAPI or Granite plates.

   The vest is capacious and lightweight and the strap design allows you to quickly put off the vest and doesn't interfere with the straps of a backpack which makes it extremely nice to wear. You can also carry the straps in X form. Thanks to close cooperation with special forces, it was possible to create a really convenient and functional chestrig. You can also purchase an additional back panel with MOLLE and the ability to place SAPI or Granite plate.

1. Versatility and comfort in use.
2. You can put in the plate.
3. Large capacity magazine and utility pouches.
4. Removable valves on the pouches.

Cordura 500D/1000D.

Weight: 1.3kg