Combat Shirt "M1"

Manufacturer: ANA
Product Code: shirt
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   Body armour is a necessary, but extremely heavy element of an operator's equipment, especially when it carries ammunition on it. Therefore, a heavy body armour can be extremely inconvenient for wearing with a jacket.

   Combat shirt solves this problem, as it is made of lightweight and elastic, sweat-wicking material, which normalises the microclimate under the clothes.

   "M1" combat shirt is extremely light and so it is an excellent choice if you need to perform active actions in hot weather. The absence of elbow pads makes your movements more comfortable.

1. Perfect for wearing with body armour, MOLLE vest or during hot weather.
2. Lightweight, durable and breathable fabric.
3. Affordable price.
4. Large selection of camouflage.

Сollar and sleeves: Rip-Stop 50 % cotton 50 % polyester
Torso: Knitwear

Weight: 370 grams