Holster "Shooter"

Manufacturer: ANA
Product Code: pouch
Stock Status: Available



   In some situations, the main weapon may be empty or inconvenient to use, which creates the need to use a pistol. At such moments, the speed with which you get a secondary weapon can solve a lot, so we pay special attention to the holster. It should be practical and convenient, the gun should be fixed securely, but easy to take out.

   ANA Tactical company presents its universal version of the pistol holster, which is suitable for most popular models of pistols. The holster is equipped with a MOLLE that allows you to place this holster on any suitable interface.

   Removable elements are provided for fixing the gun: a strap with a button and an elastic cord.

1. Universal holster.
2. Two gun locking systems.
3. Durable and wear-resistant materials.

Fabric: Cordura 500D

Weight: 200 gram