Suit Gorka DC-4 "Paratrooper"

Manufacturer: ANA
Product Code: suit
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   Soldiers need demi-season clothing to accomplish tasks in cold time of year. This is especially important for Russia, where most of the year the temperature is relatively low, and wind and rain with snow become additional hindrances in the fight.

   "Paratrooper" DS-4 suit from ANA is British SMOCK adapted for the needs of the Russian military. The suit includes a jacket with a hood and pants made of thick and durable fabric, reliably protecting from strong wind and light rain. The suit and pants have a lot of roomy buttoned pockets, which allows them to be used instead wearing a harness west.

   The suit's cut is free, which allows, if necessary, to wear a fleece or knitted sweater under it, and a lot of tightenings on the sleeves and the main part of the jacket, as well as on the waist of trousers and lower legs allow you to adjust the suit to the figure.

1. Protects from wind.
2. Suitable for autumn, winter and spring.                            
3. Developed for airbourne.
4. Many adjustments.
5. Large pockets that can be used as a pouch.

Fabric: Twill

Weight: 1800 gram